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Xcodefix makes technologies to work for business, was born when five professionals with diversified industry based knowledge and experience joined hands and creating technology over the decade. We developed a team of similar passion and we focused on web and mobile based business applications. We would like to give a brief prologue on Xcodefix.

Xcodefix IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd is a professional IT firm offering a whole range of web solution and creates best website development for customers who want to promote their business or service in a profitable way. We create a platform even small business enterprises can experience and develop their business using internet technologies. We never compromises with quality of our output.

We work continually strive to set benchmarks in the global software industry by which international business houses measures service quality, technologically innovative solutions, efficiency and professional relationships.

We help our customers grow expand and make the most out of technology by providing them consulting, integrated and complete technology solutions. We believe our self that this Inborn Travel application will bring a great alteration in the field of travel industry.

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We are dedicated to serve our customers to become a leading player in Online Travel space with the help of our Application by meeting increasing demands of the travel industry.


The mission is to deliver maximum business value to our customers by providing high quality car rental application with inbuilt travel business opportunity.


Our team is comprised of an innovative CEO/directors and a young, energetic development team that is dedicated to providing high-quality business solutions and services.


Understanding the reality and provide the best with very cost effective technology to the door step.Our industry experienced team gives support round the clock.

How Inborn Travel Application Emerged

Hard work with intelligence brings the smart output

Problem -

As most cab aggregators do not possess local contacts and resources in a city other than their origin, this application aims to bridge the gap by coordinating with them using technology and latest communication methods, thus providing a constant source of revenue. The idle time of a vehicle spent in a garage or a return trip in an empty vehicle is huge resource erosion.

As far as existing models are concerned, almost all applications are customer-oriented and very few address the concerns of the travel industry, particularly small-to-medium players. As a result of this neglect, such companies are losing their businesses to MNCs and corporate giants which are heavily funded.

Why Now

Since 2014 Smart phone growth and usage among common man have been increase. Digital India made way to high speed internet through out all the major cities of India. It help us to build web based online car rental application to meet our customer expectation. Also usage of Inter city taxi service by common man is growing year on year. Taxi Business Owner ready to engage with new technology, if it give business solution along with revenue generation.

As per our analysis with young and growing on-demand econony more than 80% car rental booking of travelling are for today to tomorrow. . We provide solution to caputure that booking through our business generation web based travel solution.

Idea a Reality

The practical reality of travel applications used in the present travel industry is only customer-centric and only very few are addressing the concerns in the travel industry, that too do not bring in the solution for small-to-medium sized travel players. As a result, such travel companies are losing their businesses to MNC and corporate travel giants who are heavily funded. As we the one of the travel agent and operating from all major cities of Tamil Nadu, experienced the lack of technology and that lead us in revenue loss. That time Xcodefix got an idea to create a travel application and that should generate profit at the time of return trip.

Always the return trip in an empty vehicle is a resource erosion. At a point we decided to bridge the gap between the cab operators and give them a opportunity to develop their operations. This application is fully focused on Business-to-Business as per their industry needs and specifications. Inborn travel application will transform every effort or time spent by travel enterprises into a good earning opportunity with the help of detailed trip analysis using state-of- the-art technology and communication tools.

Inborn Application

We connect intercity taxi owners of different cities through technology to increase the business to maximum in one way pick up or drop service.We target small-to-medium intercity cab service and travel enterprises. The application will provide an integrated solution which will track individual vehicle usage, maintenance, trip expenses, vehicle-wise revenue, manpower and efficiency.

This application aims to capture a lot of unused or unconsidered resource losses and transform them to a useful and profitable business, by using new and unique innovative technologies.

Future of Inborn

We have implemented lot of innovative ideas to cut short the hurdles faced by the cab operators, we found answers to all queries and we are implementing them in our application. After a detailed study and feasibility tests, we - the team of Xcodefix started to develop the app. We presently introduced a strategy and it has an overwhelming appreciation and reach. Inborn Travel App is widely used by the cab operators in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. As of now, all the travel requirements such as vehicle specifications, vehicle maintenance, driver details, trip expenses, vehicle-wise revenue, manpower, efficiency and all others are managed manually by the travel company but our application will integrate all the travel related needs together in a single application.

Our Application helps travel enterprises to generate a detailed report on sales, revenue, profit etc. By using our application, we can bridge the space between the cab aggregators and it will be fully technology oriented approach. We are keen in developing our presence allover India in next level. We also planned to provide payment guarantee to all users who serve through our network. We continuously implementing all update and plans from our market research team.