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Trip Post

Trip Post

Trip post is a service provided by us to connect intercity taxi owner to get one way pickup or drop rental service through our platform. Taxi owner can post based on their requirement to get customer or cab for their trip by providing details of Trip Date & Time, Vehicle & driver details with minimum trip amount/bidding amount through the login credential in their panel to reach maximum travel business owner

  1. Login to the Portal
  2. Provide Trip Details
  1. Minimum Bidding Amount
  2. Reach Maximum of Business Owners
Trip Biding

Trip Biding

Trip Biding is an offer to set a price by a business owner for a trip post. Each cab owner can bid their best price for the trip post received in the portal based on the requirement by login using their credential. Bidding price can be modified / cancelled by bidder at any point of time.

  1. Receive the trip post alert
  2. Take part in bidding if required
  1. Bid the trip with best price
  2. Hassle free tracking of the bidding
Accept Bidder

Accept Bidder

Accept Bidder is simple to accept the bidding received from your trip post on portal. Poster has freedom to choose the bidder based on their rating & reviews/bidding value. Trip acceptance will be communicated to the bidder and Driver/Customer information details be shared to the bidder instantly.

  1. Receiving more number bids
  2. Choose the greatest bid
  1. Accept the bid
  2. Share the Driver/Customers info
Share Details

Share Details

After bid is accepted the contact details of the bidder will be shared automatically to the trip poster and trip poster contact details will be shared to the bidder. Cab owner can contact each other and communicate and discuss about the payment terms of both end.

  1. Getting information about the bidder/trip poster
  2. Contacting the bidder/trip poster
  1. Discuss Payment terms
  2. Sharing the Driver/Customer Details
Close Trip

Close Trip

On the successful completion of the trip both trip poster and bidder should close the trip. Travel owner can review and rate the service/business provider. All the information about the trip from Posting to Close could be saved for the future reference. If any query about the trip can be resolved by our customer support team.

  1. Complete the Trip Post
  2. Rating & Reviews
  1. Assess the Closed Trip in portal
  2. Round the clock support
why inborn travel application / software

Inborn Travel App is an application targeting small-to-medium intercity cab service and travel enterprises. The application will provide an integrated solution which will track individual vehicle usage, maintenance, trip expenses, vehicle-wise revenue, manpower and efficiency. As most cab aggregators do not possess local contacts and resources in a city other than their origin, this application aims to bridge the gap by coordinating with them using technology and latest communication methods, thus providing a constant source of revenue.

Our Strength

We are using and applying innovative ideas with technical skill to provide high performing application. Our industry experienced team gives support round the clock with highly talented technical team always works for the betterment of the user.

Inborn Travel App Strength

Benefits of Online Car Rental Booking Software India

State-of-art technology designed especially for cab operators

Unique product

Inborn Travel App is a unique platform, which focuses on connecting intercity cab owners and plays vital role in B2B market in travel industry.

User Friendly

Our platform has a totally inborn application that allows a fast learning and user friendly for both individual and corporate business owner.

Revenue Generation

We aims to transform every effort or time spent by travel enterprises into an earning possibility with the help of state-of-the-art technology.

Benefits Inborn Travel App


Inborn Online Car Rental Booking software offer health and profitable travel solution to our customer with cost effective world class services.


We provide user friendly online travel application in India that helps user to access our web based car rental portal from any part of the world.

Support 24/7

We are dedicated our-self where the team of professionals who are ready to serve you better and offer 24 hours service support.

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